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 Well, this has been a crazy couple of weeks.  North Carolina will probably beat Michigan State in the national championship game tonight.  We have all the madness involving the coaches in college basketball. We have what is happening in golf with Tiger coming back.  We have the beginning of what is sure to be a great season in baseball. We have Jeff Gordon finally winning, breaking his losing streak at Texas and in the last two seasons.  We have the end of the NBA and NHL regular seasons.  The Pistons really needed that win against the Bobcats to make the playoffs, which it appears that they will do. The Rangers are collapsing again. They are the smaller version of the Mets.  Look for the Lakers and the Cavs to be in the Finals, but the Magic and the Nuggets will put up great fights.  All in all, we have what we all want in sports.   We have a great deal of drama.

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Posted on: March 16, 2009 3:34 pm


 My apologies for the problems that I have been having with my computers lately.  I did not get a chance to post my final bracket because I was distracted by other things.  My brother and I did a final projection of all the teams and we got all of them except Arizona.  We chose Creighton probably because we did not know what else to do. San Diego State got knocked out of our bracket once Mississippi State won. Creighton was probably the team that got knocked out of the committee's bracket.  It will be a great tournament. I have Louisville, Pitt, North Carolina, and Mizzou in the Final Four. North Carolina will hopefully beat Louisville, again. This time in the championship game to win it all.  The lowest seed that I have advancing is Mississippi State. I have them going to the Sweet 16. Also look for Texas to beat Duke in the second round.  Temple is another sleeper to make it to the Sweet 16. Syracuse will have enough gas to beat Stephen F. Austin.  Whether they have enough for the second game remains to be seen. 

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Posted on: March 4, 2009 5:22 pm

Bubble Teams, part 3

The next conference that I will be discussing is the Atlantic 10.  There are probably only three teams that are still alive for at-large berths in this conference. Xavier has, by all indications, clinched an at-large berth and looks to have at worst a 5 seed.  Rhode Island is next in the conference standings. They look to be right on the ledge. If they lose at home to UMass, they are likely done as an at-large candidate. If they win, they still might need to make the conference tournament semifinal at the very least.  Dayton is the other team that is still alive. If they win at Xavier and sweep the season series, then they are likely dancing.  If they don't, they need to avoid a bad home loss to Duquesne in the season finale.  If they win that game, then they will also likely need to make at least the conference tournament semifinal. Temple likely blew its chance for an at-large bid in the last two games, losing to La Salle and Dayton. They will, by all estimation, have to win the Atlantic 10 tournament to get into the field.  Every other team needs to win the Atlantic 10 tournament to get into the field.  There is still much more to come in this area, so stay tuned.

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Posted on: March 3, 2009 6:50 pm

Bubble Teams, Part 2

The next conference that I will be discussing is the America East conference.  There is really not much to discuss about this conference. The winner of the conference tournament gets invited, and everyone else will not be invited.  Vermont and Binghamton, Tony Kornheiser's alma mater, have been the two best teams this year.  The highest remaining seed hosts the final of this tournament.  If the winner is Vermont or Binghamton, the conference could get a 14 seed. If it is anyone else, the conference will probably get a 16 seed and possibly be in the first game, whatever you want to call it.  Binghamton, Stony Brook, New Hampshire, Maine, and Hartford have never been to the NCAA Tournament. It will be interesting to watch this year because we could have many first-time participants.

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Posted on: March 2, 2009 5:09 pm

Las Vegas and more

Kyle Busch showed yesterday how good he really is.  He maybe should have won the championship last year if not for troubles that he had with his car in the chase. He won Las Vegas yesterday with great restart after great restart.  He is sixth in points after yesterday, with Jeff Gordon leading after another solid finish after a shaky day. Matt Kenseth had engine trouble right from the start along with many other teams that day. Kenseth finished last.  Joey Logano improved after not running well at the start last week and not being able to overcome it.  He could win a race later in the year.  Watch for it.  It is on to Atlanta.  A story to watch is the top 35. Regan Smith is in the top 35, but is not running this week. He therefore will not be in the top 35 after Bristol.  David Gilliland's team is on the verge of being in the top 35 after missing Daytona. That would be huge for that team. June Bug and Logano look to be safe. Scott Speed and Paul Menard are outside the top 35, along with Travis Kvapil, who failed to qualify at Las Vegas. It could be a revolving door in the top 35 this year because teams could be missing races at different times.

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Posted on: March 2, 2009 3:22 pm

Bubble Teams

I will be doing a conference by conference report on NCAA Tournament teams this week.  I will be doing a certain amount of conferences per day. I will be going in alphabetical order.  The ACC is first on the list.  North Carolina, Duke, Wake Forest, and Florida State are all in the tournament.  Clemson and Boston College need one more win to be locked, stocked, and ready for shipment.  Maryland needs two more wins to get a rubber stamped seal of approval.  Virginia Tech needs to beat North Carolina or win at Florida State to get a dance ticket.  Miami needs to win its final two games and maybe win a game or two in the ACC Tournament to get invited to the party.  North Carolina State, Virginia, and Georgia Tech need to win the ACC Tournament to shine its shoes. This is the first of a 31 part series. There is much more to come.

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Posted on: February 25, 2009 5:00 pm

Bubble Watch

There were several big games last night involving bubble teams. The biggest game involved Providence beating Pittsburgh. That was Providence's second big win at home, but they probably need more to feel safe. Boston College had a huge win over Florida State. They are very close to being in the field.  Baylor lost to Iowa State. That probably sinks their battleship.  Texas A & M had a huge comeback late to beat Nebraska to keep their slim hopes alive.  That was a bad loss for Nebraska.  They need to do a lot of work.  Florida lost to LSU.  They are right on the ledge.  San Diego State's loss to BYU probably puts them out of the field, but they can still make it.  This is as wild of a bubble field as maybe we have ever seen because of the fact that there are very few non-BCS teams that could get at-large bids. That means that there will be lots of huge games between bubble teams the last few weeks. That should be fun.

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Posted on: February 23, 2009 1:33 pm

Auto Club 500

Well, that was much better.  Matt Kenseth became the first racer to win the first two races of the season since Jeff Gordon back in 1997. Jeff gave a great effort, but came up short.  There were five cautions, only one for something that happened on the track. That was when Kevin Harvick's engine expired. That seemed to happen a lot last night.  California is rough on the engines because of the amount of horsepower that those guys can run there.  Joey Logano was better in the second part of the race last night.  He finished a lap down but he did what he needed to do.  He logged some laps and learned how to run better.  He could be much better in the second half of the season. Don't bail on him yet. A.J. Allmendinger had trouble in his home state.  He is still projected to get inside the top 35 after the first five races.  If he does that, he should be good to run the full season.  We have three more races for these new teams to survive the top 35 cut.  That way they don't have to be concerned about making it on speed. 

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